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Cultural Resources Management

aci offers cultural resource services necessary to comply with State and Federal law for a variety of projects, including: fieldwork and compliance coordination; specialized research; laboratory and collections management; publications and presentations; and policy planning.

Preservation Policy & Planning

  • Cultural resources management plans
  • Coordination of cultural resource compliance with environmental review
  • Regulatory agreements and legislative analysis
  • Site Predictability Models
  • Resource Sensitivity Modeling & Alternatives Analysis

Fieldwork & Compliance Coordination

  • Archeological Overview, Reconnaissance Survey, Intensive Survey, Testing, Mitigation (Phase I, II & III Archeological & Historical Resource Investigations)
  • Section 106 and NEPA Integration
  • Cultural Resource Studies for NEPA EAs and EISs
  • National Register of Historic Places Assessments
  • Criteria of Effect Evaluations
  • Site Assessments and Disturbance Studies
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Public Coordination & Participation
  • Preparation of MOAs & PAs
  • Emergency Discovery Response and Regulatory Coordination
  • Historical and Archival Research
  • Land-use and landscape histories
  • Oral Histories
  • Public lectures, brochures, and exhibits
  • Access to national research depositories

Architectural History

  • Historic American Building Survey Documentation (HABS)
  • Historic American Engineering Record Documentation (HAER)
  • Historic Structure Surveys
  • Historic property identification and evaluation
  • National Register of Historic Places nominations

Specialized Capabilities

  • Prehistoric and Historic Research
  • Prehistoric and Historic Artifact Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cartographic and Photographic Analysis
  • Genealogical Studies
  • Public Interpretation
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Human Osteology
  • Taphonomy
  • Zooarchaeology

Laboratory & Collections Management

  • Preparation of collections for long-term curation
  • Condition assessments of artifacts
  • Conservation of metals, bone, textiles, and leather
  • Development of long-range conservation plans
  • Implementation of collections management programs

Publications & Presentations

  • Cultural and Resource Management Reports
  • Scholarly and Popular Articles