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aci provides geological services for areas having unique geologic characteristics or specific geologic needs including surface and subsurface investigations. aci has expertise in constraint analysis, surface and subsurface hydrologic analysis and geospatial studies. With licensed geoscientists aci also provides services in hazardous material investigations and remediation; sand, gravel, rock quarries; hydrogeology studies; soil evaluations; cave exploration and mapping; and groundwater and spring-shed analyses.

Fieldwork and Reporting

  • Hazardous materials investigation, assessment and remediation
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II testing
  • Sand and gravel and rock quarry reserve analysis
  • Regional and localized surface water quality
  • Drainage studies including watershed analysis
  • Aquifer studies including:
  • Aquifer interference
  • Unconfined aquifer testing
  • Confined aquifer testing
  • Infiltrations testing in both confined and unconfined aquifers
  • Surface soil evaluations of contaminate retardation and moisture retention
  • Spring surveys and spring-shed analysis
  • Groundwater testing and monitoring
  • Geophysical studies including:
  • Resistivity surveys for both 2D and 3D analysis
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electromagnetic Surveys
  • Localized Seismic Surveys
  • Critical Environmental Feature evaluation and analysis
  • Geologic Engineering Support
  • Fracture studies

Specialized Cave Capabilities

  • Cave exploration and mapping
  • Cave archeological studies
  • Cave gating

Publications & Presentations

  • Geoscience Resource Management Reports
  • Scholarly and Popular Articles
  • Lectures and Scholarly Presentations
  • State agency training