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Environmental & Project Management

aci provides construction management, environmental oversight and monitoring for construction projects. Monitoring focuses on storm water inspection but also includes endangered species habitat; jurisdictional waters and wetlands; cultural and historical resources mitigation and monitoring; migratory bird nesting; and
environmental training.

Linear Project Environmental Management

  • Stormwater design and monitoring
  • Jurisdictional waters assessments
  • USACE permitting and modifications
  • Cultural and historical resource monitoring
  • Migratory bird nesting monitoring
  • Preparation of NEPA reevaluations regarding design changes and acquisition of Additional Properties
  • Environmental evaluation of Project Specific Locations and oversight of SWP3
  • Hazardous materials response and reportings part of the NEPA reevaluation process for design changes and acquisition of additional properties, the following actions were considered:
    – Section 4F evaluation
    – Air Quality
    – Cumulative and Indirect Impact Assessment
    – Environmental Justice
    – Threatened and Endangered Species
    – Public Involvement

Management and Oversight – Environmental Compliance and Oversight

  • NEPA processes, preparation of permit modification requests
  • Design revision submittals
  • Cultural resource monitoring
  • Storm water inspections
  • Reevaluations of design changes
  • Acquisition studies of additional properties necessary to implement the project and comply with regulations
  • Noise and hazardous materials reporting

Compliance and Monitoring

  • Storm water inspection
  • Endangered species habitat
  • Jurisdictional waters and wetlands
  • Cultural and historical resource mitigation and monitoring
  • Migratory bird nesting
  • Environmental training

Specialized Capabilities

  • Stormwater water quality testing
  • Air monitoring
  • Endangered species monitoring during construction